My name is Jan Andres, and I am writing in support of the transit villages.

I am a native of the Inland Empire and I have lived around Redlands most of my life. As a teenager, I spent many afternoons doing homework in A.K. Smiley Public Library and many evenings wandering State Street at Market Night.

I have lived in a number of different places since then, but I have always thought of Redlands as a gem of this region. So, when work brought me back to the IE after many years of living elsewhere in California and abroad, I already had my sights set on Redlands, where I knew we would be able to enjoy walks to downtown and a strong sense of community.

My husband and I have lived here since 2014 when we rented our first place together, an apartment in an old house on Olive Avenue. We became homeowners in 2016 (District 1). We had a daughter at Redlands Community Hospital in 2017 and she spends a lot of time at Smiley Library, the YMCA and downtown. I’m happy to be able to raise her here and I’m very much in support of development that will make this city even more vibrant.

This city’s walkability and character drew us here, and I support the transit villages that I understand will bring more walkable areas, more to see, more to do, and more community downtown.

Jan Andres, Redlands