I was surprised by Traci Lowenthal's letter on transgender people.

She's a clinical psychologist, but her views seem narrow minded and harshly judgmental.

Parents are not making “false and ignorant claims,” but are worried about school district personnel talking to our kids about sex and gender issues -- straight or otherwise.

And we're right. Redlands students have been victimized by sexual predators, and people who ignore those facts are putting our kids in danger; not from them, but by criminals who take advantage of their value signaling.

As a professional psychologist, Dr. Lowenthal should know that normalizing sexual discussions and “rule breaking” are two danger signs.

Mainstream training for teachers tells us that these are signs of sexual predators.

And as for the “hate this community is currently facing,” Dr. Lowenthal, please consider the community of women athletes who are being forced to compete against trans-women.

Just as in the 1960s, women are being told to suppress their goals to benefit men, or in this case, women born as biological boys. Respect needs to be a two-way street.

Finally, why do kids have to be trans, pan, etc.? Why can't we just accept them as they are? No one needs to have plastic surgery or to take dangerous chemicals to conform to who they "really are."

Each child is important just as they are.

Judging others as being ignorant or hateful doesn't provide a reason to support the Pride Flag; it gives people a reason to oppose it.