Having two congressional members represent Redlands is a good thing, particularly with one from each major party.

U.S. Rep. Pete Aguilar of Redlands is the sixth-ranking Democrat, which is an added bonus. U.S. Rep. Jay Obernolte of Big Bear Lake. a Republican, is a freshman. Both have announced they plan to run again in their new respective districts — Aguilar on the north side of Redlands, Obernolte on the south.

Aguilar doesn’t live in the new District 33. A congressman is not legally required to live in the district, but it’s a good idea politically. He and his wife are debating the issue.

Obernolte, who was elected to Congress in 2020, plans to run in the new 23rd Congressional District

We agree with Redlands Mayor Paul Barich that it’s a shame that the arrangement exacerbates the sense that Redlands is divided north and south roughly along Interstate 10. However, the California Redistricting Commission, which drew the lines, was probably unaware of this perceived split and didn’t consider creating an east-west division, if that were at all possible.

The Redlands Community News reached out to Obernolte more than a year ago to balance our political coverage. His press secretary came to the office and we’ve been getting his press releases ever since.

While we see a benefit in having representatives from both sides of the aisle, the four new California Assembly districts that will represent Redlands border on ridiculous. Two California Senate districts also will be a part of Redlands.

Assemblywoman Eloise Gómez Reyes, a Democrat from Colton, has announced she plans to run in the new Assembly District 50 next year, .

It appears that Assemblyman James Ramos will continue represent Redlands north of I-10, assuming he runs and wins.

It’s not yet clear who would be likely candidates for the new and vast 34th Assembly District, which stretches from the Nevada border on the east to Interstate 5 on the west, or in the 47th District, which covers south Redlands and dips into Riverside.

In total Redlands will be represented in eight political districts, instead of the three that we’ve been used to for the previous decade.

We’ll still have state Sen. Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh in the 19th state Senate District, whose term extends to 2024. Who will run in the Senate District 29, which stretches from Redlands to Upland, is uncertain.

The upcoming June and November elections should be a lot of fun.