Concerns about the homeless in Redlands abound on social media. This weekend, one post asked if the resources exist to combat the problem. In fact, there is an extensive network of agencies offering to help — if only the homeless would accept the assistance.  

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An interesting spat came out in our letters to the editor in the past two weeks on whether school grounds should be open to the public.

In the 17 weeks of the young life of the Redlands Community News, we’ve been impressed by the generous and caring people of this grand old city. Story after story has revealed citizens with a heart.

Add this to our list of what makes Redlands special: Its history and frequent celebration of houses that established the city’s rich character so many years ago.

There are 249 days until the March 3 election, when Redlands voters will decide whether to exempt property within a half mile of three new train stations from growth-control measures approved decades ago.

Many things make Redlands special — the city’s history and the way residents cherish our rich past, State Street, the mansions and their generous owners, the bike race, the Run Through Redlands, the 28 miles of trials and conservancy that maintains them, and so much more.  

Despite being a simple bugle call, taps is one of the most moving tunes that we hear on patriotic holidays. There are only 24 notes — nine G’s, eight C’s, six E’s and one high G.

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Redlands planning commissioners recently gave mixed reviews to a proposal to build 207 homes on 37 acres on property presently zoned commercial between Citrus Valley High School and the site for a planned Walmart.

The Redlands Community News is proud to see that Redlands still has relationships with three sister cities — Hino, Japan; San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; and Linli County, China.

The most sustainable building is the one that is already built.

UCLA was ranked the No 1 public university in the nation in September by U.S. News & World Report. You need to be elite to be a Bruin. So it’s astonishing to learn that at least one UCLA student failed to get vaccinated for measles.