Berry’s self-righteous attack

Tea-Party spokesperson, John Berry, loves to sound off self-righteously about free speech restrictions, particularly from government employees and Democrats. Do you also condemn far rightists, such as those who call in death threats to poll workers and individuals who have the temerity to challenge Donald Trump?

What about Republicans who label dissenting colleagues “RINOs,” and seek to support such brave folk with far right wingers who support Trump. Is that just another aspect of free speech? What about some on the right who want to ban books or restrict teaching about race relations, especially about injustice visited upon people of color or religious groups?

A recent study said two-thirds of young people did not even know of the Holocaust, so should we still think it’s proper not to teach about race and religious history along with instances of bigotry and even gas ovens? The Republican Florida governor says this subject would have no educational value. Really? Or what about Jan 6 insurrectionists who believe the Big Lie regarding election results?

Many of them are now on trial for sedition — do you think they should be freed because that violent attack was only fair disagreement with Congress?

What do you think about Republican efforts to restrict voting by those who favor Democrats or are racial minorities —are such efforts contrary to free speech? I would guess these few examples get set aside in your zeal to finger point at those of us on the left or elected representatives.

Sorry, but it does seem you are a bit blinded by your rightist Tea Party sympathies—which seems contrary to your professed journalistic belief in fairness.

Roger Bell, Redlands