Founded in 2001, the Redlands Community Foundation (RCF) was developed as a way for people to leave a legacy to their community. It exists to maintain and improve the quality of life in the Redlands area by providing a professional vehicle whereby a variety of philanthropic desires of local …

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Re: “U of R, Esri to give a tree to every elementary student in Redlands to mark the 50th Earth Day,” Oct. 10.

It was nice to see in the Oct. 4 edition the full-page advertisement taken out by Family Service Association thanking Arrowhead Christian Academy for hosting Dinner in the Grove.

Recently, the California Legislature wrapped up the 2019 session with the governor signing hundreds of bills into law.

I have a hard time understanding how you can state that the Republican middle class can claim to be Christians and cannot have Republican values such as personal responsibility, moral standards, relying on one’s self and not the government’s handouts, etc.

What do retired teachers mean to Redlands? A lot! After years, sometimes decades, in the classroom giving back to their students, retired teachers give back to their communities through their pocketbook and their passion for volunteerism. The week of Nov. 3-9 is California’s 21st annual Reti…

We love Redlands and are committed to ensuring our city retains its strong sense of community and its beauty.

In the neighborhood where I grew up, wise guys, liars and cheats got a punch in the face. Today, they get elected to public office. Certainly, the GOP has more than its share.

The good news is that many city sidewalks have disability ramps leading into the streets. The bad news is that able-bodied walkers could easily become disabled just trying to reach those ramps given the terrible condition of Redlands sidewalks.

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On the front page of this week’s edition, it says “Vol. 1, No. 26.” That’s 26 weekly issues or six months in business for our fledgling newspaper, and just like parents who celebrate each month of their newborn’s first year, the staff of the Community News is celebrating our first half-year …

On Friday, July 19, in a field near the old Santa Fe Depot in downtown Redlands, I had a chance to catch the groundbreaking for the 9-mile stretch of commuter train the San Bernardino County Transportation Association is bringing into the city.

Our community of Redlands received another enriching community experience on Saturday when a production of the “Seedfolks” play presented in the Contemporary Club.

Concerns about the homeless in Redlands abound on social media. This weekend, one post asked if the resources exist to combat the problem. In fact, there is an extensive network of agencies offering to help — if only the homeless would accept the assistance.  

People often hear me say there are three things, that once attained, can never be taken from you: Your culture, spirituality and education.

The presentation by the Redlands Unified School District Superintendent Mauricio Arellano at esri on Thursday, Aug. 29, had all the bells and whistles of an infomercial. He is a good speaker and his talk was replete with videos of students working with new technology tools, engaging in extra…

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As a Danish-American, the past couple of weeks have been rather interesting.

This is a marvelous new newspaper for Redlands with a lot of informative stories — too many to read in fact.

As we wrap up the 23rd edition of the Redlands Community News, I have a question for our readers: Where are the letters to the editor?

Wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes, tsunamis. I am trying to come up with a list of natural disasters we live with in Southern California. Not that I am hoping to experience any of them, but after the pretty big trembles in the beginning of July, it makes you wonder if you got your act togeth…

This month, students across the Inland Empire head back to the classroom to start the school year. It can be a hectic time for young people and their families to be meeting new teachers, attending new schools and often adjusting to a new routine.

An interesting spat came out in our letters to the editor in the past two weeks on whether school grounds should be open to the public.

I recently returned to Redlands from speaking at the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit 2019 in Washington, D.C.

Recycling your cans, bottles, plastic, paper and other disposables through routes that avoid landfills is virtuous, especially for those of us who believe climate change is real and care about sea creatures.

A possible solution to the homeless: Let’s take one of the many empty warehouses in San Bernardino, put cubicles and cots in them with a few port-a-potties and a couple of showers. Allow the homeless to live there.

Recently, I started receiving from my son-in-law, Brian Tunnel, a copy of the Redlands Community News. Both of us are former Redlands residents.

Today, Redlands faces a serious homeless crisis and many are asking the question: Where are the churches?

I hope our community knows that last week Our Town lost an important supporter with the death of Ken King, who even after his move several years ago to San Diego, kept giving to Redlands as a former Redlands Man of the Year.

As the Legislature finishes out this year’s session in the coming weeks, one bill that deserves increased scrutiny is AB 5 by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, which, if passed, would threaten the livelihoods of 2 million Californians.  

Re: “Redefining Redlands,” Redlands Community News editorial, June 28.

The city wasted opportunity to have open additional Redlands parks this summer. For just a micro-fraction of the cost that has been paid for the painting and maintenance of all of the Redland's bike lanes, we could have opened our school's lawns and playgrounds to the community during the su…

"The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now,” says a Chinese proverb sometimes attributed to Confucius.

Over the past several years I have noticed that people living in or passing through Redlands no longer seem to respect the traffic laws.  

Re: “Legislation threatens to derail county inmate welfare, rehabilitation efforts,” by Sheriff John McMahon, June 28.

One of the community service projects of the Redland’s Sunrise Rotary Club is our Read For Life program. We give children books at no cost.

I’m thrilled about the Redlands Passenger Rail Project. I have been ever since I heard about it at a booth atop the city’s parking garage during the Redlands Bicycle Classic several years ago.

Today, more than ever, we must restore the motto and restore the pledge.

In the 17 weeks of the young life of the Redlands Community News, we’ve been impressed by the generous and caring people of this grand old city. Story after story has revealed citizens with a heart.

Re: “How many will use the new train?” Ardis Beckner, July 5.