SEPT. 26 

Simple Assault, 03:33 a.m., 600 BLOCK OF SUNNYSIDE AVE

Drunk, Alcohol only, 04:04 a.m., CLOVER ST & W CYPRESS AVE

Suspicious Circumstances, Warrant, Outside, Felony, 06:25 a.m., 1000 BLOCK OF PINE AVE

Theft from Auto, 07:01 a.m., 1200 ALABAMA ST; UHAUL

DUI, Misd, 08:28 a.m., E LUGONIA AVE & N DEARBORN ST  

Theft, Bicycle, 07:50 a.m., 1000 BLOCK OF PINE AVE

Disturbing The Peace, Transient, Under Influence Controlled Substance, 09:11 a.m., 1600 INDUSTRIAL PARK AVE; SHELL GAS STATION

Suspicious Occupied Vehicle, Parole Violation, 09:17 a.m., 27621 W SAN BERNARDINO AVE; 24 HR FITNESS Other Offenses:  False Personation Other Offenses:  Warrant, Outside, Misdemeanor  Auto Theft, Other, 08:18 a.m., 1455 RESEARCH DR

Theft, Property, Other, 08:15 a.m., ADELINE AVE & SHANE CT

Burglary, Commercial, 10:46 a.m., ADELINE AVE & SHANE CT

Fraud, 11:19 a.m., 800 BLOCK OF WASHINGTON ST

Theft Vehicle Parts, 09:12 a.m., 511 W COLTON AVE; AST PITSTOP

Found Property, 12:33 p.m., 820 W COLTON AVE; EAST VALLEY ASSOCIATN

Threats, Criminal, Felony, 11:43 a.m., 1400 BLOCK OF BROOKSIDE AVE

Simple Assault, 09:11 a.m., 350 TERRACINA BLVD; RCH

Theft, Property, Other, 13:47 p.m., 1930 W PARK AVE; AMR

Vehicle Check, Vehicle Code, Registration Violation, 14:02 p.m., 0 BLOCK OF N ASH ST

Suspicious Armed Subject, Felony, Penal Code, Other, 14:50 p.m., 27651 W SAN BERNARDINO AVE; E; HOBBY LOBBY Other Offenses:  11350 Possession Coke or Heroin Other Offenses:  3455(A) PRCS released   

Assault,Domestic Violence, Minor Injury, 14:31 p.m.

Animal Control, Barking Dogs, 15:56 p.m., 300 BLOCK OF HARTFORD CIR

Suicidal Subject, 5150 Mental Health Hold, 16:34 p.m.

Found Property, 14:10 p.m., JUDSON ST & CAMPUS AVE Time Reported: 14:10 Time Occurred between: 09:00:00 09/25/19 - 09:00:00 09/25/19 

T/C Minor Injury Incident Address : 200 BLOCK OF W HIGHLAND AVE

Suicidal Subject, 5150 Mental Health Hold, 20:19 p.m.

Annoying/Obscene Calls, 20:34 p.m., 1400 BLOCK OF E HIGHLAND AVE

Theft, Property, Other, 20:48 p.m., 1580 BARTON RD

Bike Check, Paraphernalia, Drug, 21:20 p.m., INDUSTRIAL PARK AVE & ALABAMA ST

SEPT. 27 

T/C Minor Injury, 07:20 a.m., E REDLANDS BLVD & E CLARK ST

Fraud, 09:35 a.m., 1121 W COLTON AVE; FORD DEALER CARS

Threats, Criminal, Misd, 09:54 a.m., 311 N WABASH AVE; CRAFTON ELEMENTARY

Request For Officer, 12:04 p.m., 800 W PIONEER AVE; CITRUS VALLEY HIGH

Abandoned Vehicle, Infraction, Vehicle Code, Other, 12:48 p.m., 1400 BLOCK OF CLAY ST

Burglary, Vehicle, 12:54 p.m., 1200 BLOCK OF VIA ANTIBES

Theft Shoplifting, 14:19 p.m., 1725 W REDLANDS BLVD; LOWES

Theft, Property, Other, 16:08 p.m., 27641 W SAN BERNARDINO AVE; NIKE

Cite Sign Off, Infraction, Vehicle Code, Other, 16:25 p.m., 1270 W PARK AVE; C

Theft, Property, Other, 16:34 p.m., 27461 W SAN BERNARDINO AVE; NIKE

Theft, Property, Other, 16:16 p.m., 27461 W SAN BERNARDINO AVE; NIKE

Child, Annoy/Molest, 17:39 p.m., 1000 W CYPRESS AVE; COPE

Missing Person, Juvenile, 17:59 p.m.

Suspicious Circumstances, Miscellaneous Complaint, 18:59 p.m., 100 BLOCK OF W PIONEER AVE

Vandalism, Misdemeanor, 20:17 p.m., 2052 W REDLANDS BLVD; AUTO ZONE

Vandalism, Misdemeanor, 20:52 p.m., 800 W PIONEER AVE; CITRUS VALLEY HIGH

Simple Assault, 21:03 p.m., 1371 W REDLANDS BLVD; STARLITE

Warrant, Outside, Felony, 21:48 p.m., 1600 BLOCK OF HERON CT

T/C Minor Injury, 23:36 p.m., 300 BLOCK OF E LUGONIA AVE

SEPT. 28

Warrant, Outside, Misdemeanor, 01:02 a.m., 1400 BLOCK OF N CHURCH ST

Burglary, Vehicle, 07:46 a.m., 1400 BLOCK OF DE ANZA ST

Auto Theft, Automobile, 08:48 a.m., 2065 ORANGE TREE LN; SIT AND SLEEP Other Offenses:  496D Poss Stolen Prop-Vehicle Other Offenses:  496 Possess Stolen Property Other Offenses:  20002 Hit & Run, Misd Other Offenses:  11377 Possession Meth or Synthetic Other Offenses:  Felony, Penal Code, Other  Abandoned Vehicle, Infraction, Vehicle Code, Other, 09:34 a.m., 500 BLOCK OF LYTLE ST

T/C, Property Damage Only, 12:47 p.m., 100 BLOCK OF GARDEN HILL DR

Auto Theft, Automobile, 14:01 p.m., 27300 W LUGONIA AVE; 76 GAS Other Offenses:  10851 Stolen Local/Recovered Other 

T/C Minor Injury, 15:52 p.m., 400 BLOCK OF BALDWIN AVE

Suicidal Subject, 5150 Mental Health Hold, 16:02 p.m.

SEPT. 29 

Possession Meth or Synthetic, 02:00 a.m., 836 W COLTON AVE; SHAKEYS

Aggravated Assault, Hand/Feet, 02:25 a.m., 101 REDLANDS MALL ST; CVS

Death Investigation, Natural, 06:31 a.m., 100 BLOCK OF S DEARBORN ST

Found Property, 07:45 a.m., 700 BLOCK OF BUCKINGHAM DR

Suspicious Subject, Paraphernalia, Drug, 10:20 a.m., CENTRAL AVE & N CHURCH ST

Suspicious Subject, Possession Meth or Synthetic, 12:23 p.m., 1525 N CHURCH ST; COMMUNITY PARK

5150 Mental Health Hold, 12:35 p.m., 1160 ARIZONA ST; SUPER 8

Suspicious Subject, Warrant, Outside, Misdemeanor, 14:06 p.m., 27300 W LUGONIA AVE; CIRCLE K

Found Property, 14:13 p.m., 100 BLOCK OF W OLIVE AVE

Theft, Bicycle, 14:23 p.m., 2000 BLOCK OF W REDLANDS BLVD

Assault,Domestic Violence, Minor Injury, 15:25 p.m., 2125 ORANGE ST; SHOOTING RANGE

DUI, Injury, Felony, 18:22 p.m., HELEN DR & HELEN CT

Disturbing The Peace, Transient, Possession Coke or Heroin, 19:04 p.m., 1000 BLOCK OF ORANGE ST

Theft Shoplifting, 19:50 p.m., 2050 W REDLANDS BLVD; WALMART

T/C Minor Injury, 20:16 p.m., 1400 BLOCK OF E COLTON AVE

Drunk, Alcohol only, 20:19 p.m., 1150 BROOKSIDE AVE; WISHY WASHY

Theft Shoplifting, 22:17 p.m., 522 ORANGE ST; VONS

Assist Fire Department, Miscellaneous Complaint, 23:30 p.m., E CYPRESS AVE & E REDLANDS BLVD

Robbery, Firearm Street, 23:49 p.m., 1100 BLOCK OF CORNELL AVE


Vandalism, Misdemeanor, 14:51 p.m., 600 BLOCK OF N DEARBORN ST

Vandalism, Misdemeanor, 10:38 a.m., BRYN MAWR AVE & BUSINESS CENTER CT

Theft, Property, Other, 18:55 p.m., 1573 W REDLANDS BLVD