OCT. 3 

Theft, From Bldg, 06:32 a.m., 1500 BLOCK OF JOANNE ST

Theft, Property, Other, 07:09 a.m., 1121 W COLTON AVE; DYNAMIC COLLISION

T/C, Property Damage Only, 07:28 a.m., 1325 PROSPECT DR; KIMBERLY CREST

Vandalism, Misdemeanor, 08:25 a.m., 1600 BLOCK OF BARTON RD

Miscellaneous Complaint, 08:32 a.m., 120 THE TERRACE; CHEVRON

Vandalism, Misdemeanor, 09:06 a.m., 609 3RD ST; SALERNO SERVICE CENTER

Violate Domestic Violence Restraining Order, 08:54 a.m.

Miscellaneous Complaint, 12:07 p.m., 1000 W CYPRESS AVE; COPE MIDDLE SCHOOL

Warrant, Outside, Misdemeanor, 13:22 p.m., 609 3RD ST; SALERNOS SERVICE CENTER

Auto Theft, Motorcycles, 13:42 p.m., 900 BLOCK OF N 6TH ST

Possession Meth or Synthetic, 14:42 p.m., 27540 W LUGONIA AVE; KOHLS

ID Theft (Misd), 15:12 p.m., 1300 BLOCK OF ARROYO CREST

Theft, Property, Other, 15:16 p.m., 2070 W REDLANDS BLVD; FOOD FOR LESS

T/C Minor Injury, 16:47 p.m., E CITRUS AVE & E CYPRESS AVE

Panhandler, Redlands Muni Code, All  Other, 17:04 p.m., E 10 FRWY & ALABAMA ST

Vandalism, Misdemeanor, 18:11 p.m., 130 TENNESSEE ST; REDLANDS ADVENIST ACADEMY

Vehicle Check, Stolen Other/Recovered Local, 19:04 p.m., E REDLANDS BLVD & E HIGHLAND AVE

T/C Minor Injury, 19:14 p.m., N EUREKA ST & W REDLANDS BLVD

Forgery - Checks and other, 20:40 p.m., 100 BLOCK OF BELLEVUE AVE

Burglary, Vehicle, 20:51 p.m., 700 E REDLANDS BLVD; RITE AID

Vehicle Check, Possession Meth or Synthetic, 22:34 p.m., 801 W COLTON AVE; SALVATION ARMY Other Offenses:  11364(a) Paraphernalia, Drug

Oct. 4

Suicidal Subject, 5150 Mental Health Hold, 00:00 a.m. ORANGE ST & W STUART AVE

Suspicious Subject, Warrant, Outside, Misdemeanor, 00:09 a.m., 800 BLOCK OF LEXINGTON LN

Fraud, 08:59 a.m., 1900 BLOCK OF FAIRMONT DR

Missing Person, Adult, 10:21 a.m.

Theft, From Bldg, 12:52 p.m., 0 BLOCK OF ROMA ST

Burglary, Residential, Forced, 14:13 p.m., 1500 BLOCK OF WOODBURY ST

Auto Theft, Automobile, 14:57 p.m., 700 BLOCK OF W SUNSET DR

Transient Problem, Infraction, Vehicle Code, Other, 15:08 p.m., ALABAMA ST & E 10 FRWY

Found Property, 15:31 p.m., 838 ALTA ST; SALVATION ARMY

Warrant, Outside, Felony, 15:41 p.m., 1151 W LUGONIA AVE; HOME DEPOT

Auto Theft, Automobile, 16:07 p.m., 1651 CALIFORNIA ST; PERFORMANCE TEAM

Burglary, Residential, Attempt Force, 17:01 p.m., 100 BLOCK OF W PENNSYLVANIA AVE

Simple Assault, 17:20 p.m., 500 BLOCK OF E PENNSYLVANIA AVE

Warrant, Outside, Misdemeanor, 18:12 p.m., 12800 BLOCK OF 17TH ST

Theft, Bicycle, 12:56 p.m., 0 BLOCK OF TENNESSEE ST

Theft Shoplifting, 18:46 p.m., 1256 ORANGE ST; 7-11

Theft, From Bldg, 20:46 p.m., 400 BLOCK OF E STUART AVE

Assault,Domestic Violence,Minor Injury, 21:14 p.m.

5150 Mental Health Hold, 21:29 p.m.

Theft, From Bldg, 21:17 p.m., 1573 W REDLANDS BLVD; BIG 5

T/C Minor Injury, 23:13 p.m., AMETHYST ST & MILL CREEK RD

OCT. 5

Violate Court Order, 00:00 a.m., 2050 W REDLANDS BLVD; WALMART

Vandalism, Felony, 00:35 a.m., E CITRUS AVE & ORANGE ST

Burglary, Commercial, 07:03 a.m., 11 N 5TH ST; ATTITUDE HAIR SALON

Auto Theft, Truck/Bus, 11:12 a.m., 1000 BLOCK OF PINE AVE

Burglary, Residential, 09:27 a.m., 0 BLOCK OF N CENTER ST

Vandalism, Misdemeanor, 09:36 a.m., 1000 BLOCK OF ARDMORE CIR

Vandalism, Misdemeanor, 11:05 a.m., 9TH ST & E HIGH AVE

Warrant, Outside, Misdemeanor, 12:04 p.m., 1675 INDUSTRIAL PARK AVE; GOOD NITE INN

Burglary, Commercial, 11:45 a.m., 27621 W SAN BERNARDINO AVE; 24 HOUR FITN

Theft from Auto, 11:13 a.m., 500 BLOCK OF VIA VISTA DR

T/C, Property Damage, 14:46 p.m., E REDLANDS BLVD & ORANGE ST

Pedestrian Check, Possession Coke or Heroin, 15:06 p.m., THE TERRACE; CHEVRON

Forgery - Checks and other, 14:04 p.m., 1647 W REDLANDS BLVD; REDLANDS COMPLETE

Pedestrian Check, Redlands Muni Code, All  Other, 16:14 p.m., E 10 FRWY & ALABAMA ST

Warrant, Outside, Felony, 16:23 p.m., 200 BLOCK OF E HIGH AVE

Theft Shoplifting, 17:20 p.m., 27461 W SAN BERNARDINO AVE; 130 THE GAP

Warrant, Outside, Misdemeanor, 17:24 p.m., 27320 W LUGONIA AVE; TARGET

Lost Property, 16:07 p.m., 2050 W REDLANDS BLVD; WALMART

Threats, Criminal, Misd, 18:07 p.m., 1270 W PARK AVE

Suspicious Vehicle, Infraction, Vehicle Code, Other, 20:11 a.m., 300 BLOCK OF LIDO ST

Vandalism, Misdemeanor, 20:42 p.m., 1600 INDUSTRIAL PARK AVE; SHELL GAS STATION

Burglary, Vehicle, 21:12 p.m., 27471 W SAN BERNARDINO AVE; FARMER BOYS

Assault,Domestic Violence,Minor Injury, 23:53 p.m.

OCT. 6

Drunk, Alcohol only, 00:05 a.m., E REDLANDS BLVD & E STATE ST

Miscellaneous Complaint, 07:38 a.m., 350 TERRACINA BLVD; RCH

T/C Minor Injury, 08:46 a.m., TENNESSEE ST & W LUGONIA AVE

Burglary, Commercial, 08:52 a.m., 26858 ALMOND AVE; SUPERIOR PACKING SOLUT

Missing Person, Adult, 12:35 a.m.

Simple Assault, 15:20 p.m., 620 E HIGHLAND AVE; BRASWELL CHATEAU VIL

Burglary, Non-Res,Unlaw Entry, 16:02 p.m., 700 E REDLANDS BLVD; E; CHASE BANK

Burglary, Residential, 16:55 p.m., 1600 BLOCK OF RESERVOIR RD

T/C Minor Injury, 18:21 p.m., W STUART AVE & N EUREKA ST

Found Property, 18:46 p.m., 400 BLOCK OF CAJON ST

Threats, Criminal, Felony, 20:06 p.m., 470 E CYPRESS AVE; PANERA

Assault,Domestic Violence,Minor Injury, 23:56 p.m.


Lost Property, 06:30 a.m., COOK ST & E CITRUS AVE

Miscellaneous Complaint, 09:04 a.m., 500 BLOCK OF LA VERNE ST