U.S. Rep. Pete Aguilar has announced that the County of San Bernardino Preschool Services Department has received $53,109,024 in grant funding from the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Head Start.

The funding will allow Preschool Services to continue providing high-quality early education to children throughout the county and to continue their mission of equipping families with the skills and resources they need to succeed. It serves nearly 6,000 families throughout the county.

“One of my first jobs was working with Head Start students as a teacher’s aide, so I’ve seen firsthand how early education and a family-oriented approach can make a difference in children’s lives,” Aguilar said. “I’m proud to support funding for Head Start programs in Congress and will continue working to make sure our community has access to these resources.”

Phalos Haire, director of Preschool Services, expressed gratitude to the congressman and the Congress.

“These funds will have a significant impact on our community by allowing the 700 dedicated staff of Preschool Services work to help change the trajectory of young lives in San Bernardino County by applying Head Start’s two-generational approach to ending the cycle of poverty,” he said. “We will prepare children with high quality early learning to get them ready for kindergarten while equipping their parents with the skills and resources necessary to reach their family’s goals.”