Two women have been arrested for mailing a greeting card to an inmate in the Central Detention Center found to contain black tar heroin, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department reports.

“The heroin was elaborately concealed within the greeting card in an attempt to pass it through detection during the inmate mail screening process,” says a press release. “The greeting card was addressed to, and intended for, Pierre Cambrelen, an inmate currently incarcerated for an unrelated crime.”

Through a detailed investigation, detectives discovered Jessica Gomez, a 34-year-old Ontario resident, and Heather Christy, 29-year-old Montclair resident, were responsible for manufacturing methamphetamine and heroin-laced greeting cards with the intention of mailing them to Cambrelen, 36-year-old from Ontario, and other inmates in sheriff’s custody. The card was mailed on Sept. 13.

On Oct. 1, search warrants were served at the women’s homes, which led to their arrest for PC 182/PC 4573-Conspiracy to send narcotics into a jail facility. The search warrants led to the discovery of additional evidence related to the conspiracy, as well as possession of stolen property and possession of narcotics. A supplemental booking was completed for Cambrelen who now faces the additional charges.

Christy and Gomez are in custody in lieu of $100,000 bail. Camrelen is being held without bail for unrelated charges.