A San Bernardin County Sheriff’s Department helicopter rescued a San Fernando Valley woman who went missing when returning from a hike in Ice House Canyon on Mount Baldy Friday afternoon.

After Tonette Butler, a 54-year-old Pocomio resident, reached Cucamonga Peak at approximately 3:15 p.m. June 12, she began her hike back down to Ice House Canyon parking lot. Butler was prepared for her hike with plenty of food, water and proper clothing.

At approximately 11 p.m., a family member called 911 to report Butler missing because she did not return home and was not answering her cell phone.

A deputy from Fontana Sheriff Station arrived at the parking lot to look for Butler. The deputy located Butler’s vehicle but didn’t find her. Members of the West Valley Search & Rescue Team began to deploy in the area to search for Butler. Search & Rescue members hiked throughout the night and by sunrise, there were no signs of Butler.

On Saturday, Air Rescue 307 was requested to insert search and rescue members at Cucamonga Peak. While Air Rescue 307 was inserting team members, Sheriff's Patrol Helicopter 40-KING-1 conducted an aerial search.

At 1 p.m. team members searching near the Cucamonga Saddle located Butler's cell phone and other personal belongings along with slide marks in the terrain. The slide marks indicated Butler was possibly in Cucamonga Canyon.

40-KING-1 shifted its focus to Cucamonga Canyon and located Butler a short time later. Butler appeared to be uninjured and waving her arms at the helicopter. Due to the remote location of Butler, Air Rescue 307 was requested for a hoist rescue.

Air Rescue 307 lowered a medic down approximately 100 feet to Butler. The medic confirmed that Butler was uninjured and placed her into a rescue harness. She was then hoisted up to the helicopter and flown to San Antonio Dam to a waiting ambulance and deputies. Butler was reunited with her family members and all search and rescue members returned from the mountain safely.