Esri has a new interactive COVID Pulse map to track new cases, cumulative cases and deaths in a state or county. Users can also see where cases are increasing and decreasing as well as the population number in a county.

The map tracks data from John Hopkins University and classifies spread as emergent, spreading, epidemic, controlled, end-stage or no cases.

San Bernardino County’s trend with a population of 2,180,085 is classified as an epidemic.

As of Tuesday, Sept. 15, there have been 1,018 new cases and 67 deaths in seven days. According to the map, the county’s biggest weekly cases jump came the week of Aug. 17 with 3,911 new cases.  

“This application empowers stakeholders and leaders to make scientific, data-driven decisions about what comes next for their community when it comes to COVID-19,” said Este Geraghty, chief medical officer at Esri.

“The ability to explore case data over time and compare one place to another is critical to understanding if communities should begin to reopen schools and businesses, continue with current restrictions or ramp-up mitigation efforts.

“You can compare one state to another effectively,” said Geraghty in a video. “In California, the central valley is where we have had higher spikes.”

Riverside County’s trend with a population of 2,470,546 is also listed as an epidemic. As of Sept. 15, the county has had 1,779 new cases and 51 deaths in seven days.