Salute to health care workers.

First responders salute health care workers at Redlands Community Hospital on Tuesday morning.

First responders from Redlands and surrounding agencies paid tribute to health care workers at Redlands Community Hospital with a parade of fire apparatus, police cars and ambulances outside the hospital Tuesday morning, April 28.

Firefighters salute health care workers

Salute to health care workers at Redlands Community Hospital.

Organized by members of the Redlands Fire Department, the parade also included emergency vehicles from the Redlands Police Department, Loma Linda Fire Department and American Medical Response.

After parading by the front of the hospital with lights flashing, the vehicles stopped near the hospital’s emergency entrance where first responders got out of their vehicles and applauded the hospital staff that had briefly assembled outside the building.

The parade was organized as a gesture of gratitude and respect for medical personnel currently treating patients affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Salute to health care providers

First responders stage a parade at Redlands Community Hospital Tuesday morning.