Two sheriff’s helicopter crews rescued six dehydrated hikers in 100-degree heat Saturday afternoon in the Deep Creek Hot Springs in Twin Peaks. One was very ill, said a press release,

At 3:05 p.m. July 17, San Bernardino County Fire dispatch received a 911 call from a family of hikers from Lancaster requesting help.

“They stated they were a group of six hikers in the Deep Creek Hot Springs area off Highway 173 and they could no longer continue hiking due to dehydration,: said a press release. “Temperatures were hovering at 100 degrees Fahrenheit.”

San Bernardino County Fire and Twin Peaks deputies responded to a designated landing zone off Highway 173 and coordinated with crews from the San Bernardino County. 40-King-6 was already in the area performing an unrelated hoist rescue of another dehydrated hiker on the Apple Valley side of Deep Creek.

Once they completed the rescue, the crew of 40-King-6 began searching for the group of hikers. After locating them on a steep mountainside, a medic was hoisted down to the hikers. The medic assessed them and determined a hoist rescue would be necessary to get them to medical personnel.

The hikers were dehydrated and the terrain was too rugged for a helicopter to land. If rescued by ground, the excessive temperatures and distance from the highway would jeopardize the safety of ground rescuers.

“The crew of 40-King-5 responded from Apple Valley and assisted 40-King-6 with hoisting the hikers to safety,” said the release. “The medic on the ground was able to secure all hikers into rescue harnesses to be hoisted one at a time.

“Between both helicopter crews, all six hikers were hoisted out and transported to medical personnel waiting at the landing zone.”

The hikers were Gabriel Garcia, 20; Erica Carter, 20; Michael Carter, 25; Sean Carter, 26; Sakae Carter, 56; and Bryan Carter, 50, all residents of the Lancaster area of Los Angeles County.


40-King-6 Crew

Pilot: Cpl Ryan Peppler

Hoist operator: Reserve Deputy Stephen Miller

Medic: Nurse Wendy Kruger

40-King-5 Crew

Pilot: Deputy Doug Brimmer

Hoist operator: Cpl Chris Mejia