With the June 15 reopening, California will clear all industry and business sectors listed in the current Blueprint Activities and Business Tiers Chart to return to usual operations with no capacity limits or physical distancing requirements, with limited exceptions for mega events.

“This is a big step toward returning life to normal after what was 15 months of state restrictions,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “Our county’s businesses and residents deserve all of the credit for getting us here. Their sacrifices and the safety measures they took have brought us close to defeating COVID-19.”

The state defines mega events as planned public or social occasions that include over 5,000 participants or spectators indoors and over 10,000 outdoors. Examples include conventions, shows, nightclubs, concerts, sporting events, theme parks, fairs, festivals, large races and parades. Verification of full vaccination or a negative test result is required for indoor mega events and recommended for outdoor mega events.

Verification can take the form of written or verbal self-attestation. A person making reservations or purchasing tickets for a large group can attest on behalf of the entire group. There are no restrictions on the capacity for mega events or social-distancing requirements. Current state guidance on masks will apply.

As of Tuesday, June 1, San Bernardino County recorded 298,289  total cases, up 601 from last week’s 297,688. The county recorded 292,777 recoveries, up 555 from last week’s 292,222. A total of 4,555 deaths have been recorded, up 10 from last week’s 4,545. The case fatality rate remains at 1.5%.

The county is meeting two of the three criteria to move into the Yellow Tier. As of June 1, the positivity rate is 1.3%, and the positivity rate in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods is 1.2%. The two categories are within the Yellow Tier’s threshold of below 2%. However, the county’s daily new case rate per 100,000 residents is still within the Orange Tier at 2.2 cases.

Last week it was 2.5 cases. The case rate needs to drop to below two cases for the county to move into the Yellow Tier. However, California is reopening its economy on June 15, which ends the tiered-color system.

The 67 hospital patients are down four from the previous week’s 71. The patients are utilizing 2.6% of the beds, down slightly from the previous week’s 3%. The county recorded 16 positive ICU patients, down three from the previous week. COVID-19 patients are occupying 3.6% of these beds. ICU availability dipped from 43.8% to 41%.

Redlands recorded 8,852 total cases, two more cases than the previous week’s 8,850. Redlands’ total death count rose from 217 to 218. During the week of May 9, the city had 14 new cases and a test positivity rate of 0.8%. The previous week, the city had two new cases and a test positivity rate of 0.7%.

During the week of May 9, Redlands Unified recorded 5.2 daily new cases per 100,000 residents within the district. The district remains in the Orange Tier.

According to John Hopkins University, San Bernardino County remains eighth in total COVID-19 cases out of the country’s 3,143 counties.

Riverside County remains seventh with 300,701 cases. Los Angeles County has the most with over 1 million cases.