San Bernardino County remains in the Widespread (purple) tier, but COVID-19 hospitalizations are dropping.

As of Tuesday, Feb. 16, the county recorded 282,494 total cases, 276,233 recoveries, 2.3 million tests and 2,418 deaths.

According to the county, due to a backlog of deaths that occurred between Dec. 15 and Jan. 7 reported in bulk, death counts are still expected to increase by a large amount over the next few weeks as they are processed and included in the dashboard data.

The case fatality rate has increased from 0.77% to 0.86% in a week because of the backlog.

The 572 hospital patients are down 250 from the previous week's 822. The patients are using 19.9% of the beds, down from the previous week's 27.8%. The county recorded 153 positive ICU patients, down 50 from the previous week. COVID-19 patients are occupying 27.6% of these beds. ICU availability is 21.6%.

Redlands recorded 8,293 total cases, 85,823 tests and 140 deaths. During the week of Jan. 31, the city had 121 new cases and a test positivity rate of 5.13%.  

During the week of Jan. 31, the Redlands Unified recorded 231 total cases among residents living within the district, bringing the daily case rate to 25.2 per 100,000 residents. The case rate needs to be four to seven daily cases to move from the Widespread tier to the Substantial (red) tier. However, cases did drop from the previous week's total of 330.

According to John Hopkins University, San Bernardino County is seventh in total COVID-19 cases out of the country's 3,143 counties. Riverside County is sixth with 285,414 cases. Los Angeles County has the most with over 1 million cases.  

Of the Top 25 counties with the highest death total, San Bernardino County is No. 25. Los Angeles leads the nation with 19,095 deaths. Riverside County is No. 13, with 3,524 deaths.