San Bernardino County has created a COVID-19 vaccination dashboard providing information about vaccine distribution and administration status.

“We are excited about using the technological resources and talent we have in our Public Health data team to create a transparent and informative platform for people to see the state of vaccine administration,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “As we move through and out of this pandemic, this resource will help our residents see how we are progressing on getting vaccines into our communities as quickly as possible.”

The dashboard displays information about:

• COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to county residents.

• COVID-19 vaccine doses administered by county providers.

• The number of residents vaccinated with a breakdown of first and second doses.

• The percent of the population that has received vaccines in our county.

• Demographic data about who has received COVID-19 vaccines by age, race, ethnicity and gender.

• A countywide map listing the vaccination numbers in each city that shows the number of residents vaccinated and the rate of those vaccinated in each location.

• A mapped listing of county providers who have received doses of vaccine and how many of those vaccines have been administered to residents.

• COVID-19 vaccine inventory by brand (Pfizer, Moderna).

The data on vaccine administration come directly from the California Immunization Registry system. It is a statewide immunization information system for all California residents, and the numbers reported includes information from San Bernardino County residents vaccinated from multiple sources such as those vaccinated in Los Angeles due to their employment but live in San Bernardino County or those who were vaccinated at a multi-county entity, like Kaiser.

As of Tuesday, Feb. 16, 258,970 doses have been administered to county residents. The largest number of doses were given on Feb. 10, a total of 11,240. A total of 198,914 doses have been administered by county providers, the largest number again on Feb. 10 with 9,670.

The county has received 104,325 doses of the Pfizer vaccine and 124,500 of the Moderna vaccine. Of the county’s Pfizer inventory, it has distributed 90,315 doses, allocated 13,261 doses and has 749 doses available as of Feb. 16.

Of the county’s Moderna inventory, it has distributed 122,630 doses, allocated 1,430 doses and has 440 doses available.

The San Bernardino County Joint Information Center, which operates a hotline for callers seeking information on COVID-19, has increased staff and extended hours to assist county residents. The Information Center has added 10 new call center agents to its existing staff and is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Residents seeking information or requiring assistance can call the JIC at (909) 387-3911.

“We have seen a tremendous increase in call volume, especially since opening vaccination appointments to residents age 65 and older,” said Hagman. “In addition to providing general information on the disease, testing opportunities and the status of business closures, we are now helping people to schedule appointments online.”

Hagman said that many eligible residents are either unfamiliar with computer technology or lack access to a computer or the internet.

“We are here to help all residents, but right now, our primary focus is on assisting those having trouble scheduling a vaccination appointment,” he said.

Currently, demand for appointments is high while vaccine doses remain in short supply.

“Although residents should continue checking our website to see when appointments are available, they also are welcome to call the hotline if they need help. They also can investigate other options, such as contacting their local pharmacy or primary care provider to see if they have doses available,” Hagman said.

The state has eliminated having to fill out several pages of personal information before finding out if an appointment is available.

“The state’s appointment system has been one of the biggest, and most fixable, sources of complaints by county residents,” said Hagman. “It is a great relief to know the state has fixed this problem.”

Whether residents are going to a County Department of Public Health site, a vaccination event or using a mobile vaccine unit, vaccines can only be given with an appointment. All of the vaccine locations are walk-up sites, except the occasional vaccination super site events.

Public health officials are cautioning residents who receive a COVID-19 vaccine to continue to follow safety protocol to protect their families, friends and others who have not been vaccinated. According to the county, experts are confident the vaccine will prevent those who are vaccinated from getting seriously ill from COVID-19, but they don’t know how well the vaccine protects against carrying and transmitting it to people who haven’t been vaccinated.

“While the two approved vaccines have shown to be very effective at preventing severe and symptomatic COVID-19, we’re still not sure how well they reduce transmission of the virus,” said County Public Health Director Corwin Porter. “While some indications have been favorable, it’s still unclear how effective the vaccines are at preventing emerging new variants of the virus. Therefore, we are urging those who’ve been vaccinated to remain vigilant and continue taking steps to avoid spreading the virus.”

Porter said his recommendations are based on CDC guidelines.