New drive-thru stirs concern

Folks heading to work in the morning may have noticed that a foundation has gone in on the corner of Stuart Avenue and Eureka Street, but how many of them realize that this structure will likely add 20 minutes to their commute once it is completed?

As the future location of a drive-thru Starbucks, this corner will most likely be cursed by drivers as the drive-thru line backs-up into traffic, further exacerbating downtown's congestion problem.

Now, Redlands for Smart Growth, the citizen group I am speaking on behalf of, does not object to coffee.

On the contrary, we — as much as anyone — recognize the need to fuel up in the morning, but we do question the wisdom of kicking off development downtown with a project that is likely to anger residents and to further add to the smog obscuring our view of the mountains and suffocating our skyline.

If you object to a drive-thru being built at this location, we strongly encourage you to voice those concerns before it is too late.

Email the mayor at, and you can follow Redlands for Smart Growth on Instagram @Redlands4SmartGrowth.

Edward Ferrari, Redlands

Redlands Thanks for your sports coverage

Thank you for your local high school sports coverage. You cannot believe what a young adult seeing his name in the newspaper sports section, because of his/her accomplishments, can do for a their motivation and self-esteem.

It can lift them out of a difficult environment and help them improve themselves.

In many cases the student athletes take the life lessons of team work, sacrifice, success, failures and apply those lessons learned to their future endeavors.

The lessons learned playing sports of dedication, discipline and desire are key in those kids being able to reach their goals later in life and lead productive lives.

I learned these lessons growing up in the Redlands community thanks to sports writers like Claude Andersen and Vic Miller.

I was always motivated to get up off the ground and get back in the game.

Life is very much like sports.

Sam Trad, Redlands