A randomly selected sample of Redlands residents participated in the National Community Survey (NCS) between September and mid-October 2022. The survey, which is the only resident survey recognized by the National League of Cities, shows significant decreases in comparison to 2021 in overall resident satisfaction in several areas such as safety and employment opportunities.

Areas of increased resident satisfaction include recreational opportunities and in the openness and acceptance of the community toward people of diverse backgrounds.

Overall satisfaction of Redlands as a place to live has decreased since 2021 from 84% of responses as excellent or good to 78%.

Spread equitably between the five City Council election districts, Policy Confluence Inc., known as Polco, was contracted by the city to measure resident satisfaction levels and perceptions about the quality of life in Redlands.The survey was also made available for general participation to all members of the community between October and November, 2022.

The following results were obtained from the random sampling with 357 respondents. The percentage shown is the percent excellent or good in the 2021 survey and the 2022 survey.

Polco also notes that a difference greater than 7% is considered statistically significant.