Interviews for a new Redlands city manager are scheduled to begin on Oct. 26.

A year after the city fired Enrique Martinez from his position as city manager, the City Council began a discussion of the appointment or hiring of a replacement on Thursday — after the Redlands Community News print deadline.

According to the agenda, there will be no reportable action at the end of the closed meeting, scheduled at the convenience of those participating.  

The council will provide an opportunity for residents to speak up to three minutes on the issue before moving to closed doors. In August, the council launched a survey to receive input on what the community wants in the new city manager.  

A week later, it also announced that six panels conformed of local business owners, labor partners, community members and former council members, among others, will help the Redlands City Council decide who to hire as new City Manager.

The community panels will interview the two final candidates for the position and at the conclusion of the interviews one representative will be asked to join the council members in closed session to provide input from their panels.

The time and place of the interviews is yet to be determined.

In April, Janice McConnell was given a more permanent role after council named her assistant city manager.

Last October, McConnell was named acting Redlands city manager following the dismissal of Martinez, who denies all charges of sexual harassment and is suing the city for lifetime medical benefits.