The Redlands City Council has approved a three-story eight-unit apartment complex at Brookside Avenue and Parkwood Drive.

The Brookside Apartment complex was approved 4-1 on Sept. 3 with Councilman Paul Barich opposing because of the “height don’t go with the neighborhood.” The complex will have 15 on-site parking spaces, some covered and some not, and on-site landscaping, lighting and related improvements.  

According to Sean Reilly, associate planner with Planning Associates, the building’s design will be Spanish colonial, with red tile roof, stucco walls and chimneys, and will be consistent with the city’s architectural guidelines.

The project, approved by the Planning Commission on April 23, will have add a maximum of 5.4 vehicle trips to the area during peak hours, said Reilly.

The zone allows housing. However, projects with three or more housing units need permission of the council. The height of the project required approval of the council too, he added.

Height and parking were two main issues presented by two surrounding neighbors who oppose the project.  

Jerry Linkhart, longtime resident, said the building would obstruct his view of the mountains. Linkhart also argued the apartment complex will add to the existing parking issue in the area.

“There goes my view of the mountains,” he said.

Sheila Field, who lives a few feet away from the site, argued that the lack of enough parking spaces for the disabled would be a huge issue. Field said that one of her tenants moved out recently because of the poor access to handicapped parking spaces.

Many local residents have garages homes but prefer to park on the street, said Field. Mayor Paul Foster asked Field what causes such behavior.

“It’s human nature,” she responded.