The Redlands City Council delayed the termination of contract with American Youth Soccer Organization, AYSO, that as a result that would­ nearly double registration fees, from $155 to $300

Since 2008, the national nonprofit has been in contract with the city granting them exclusive use of the Redlands Sports Park. A unanimous vote by the council has granted a permit that will allow the soccer teams continued use of the sports park for one year at no additional cost while the discussion continues to come up with an arrangement that can be beneficial for both the city and the non-profit organization.

AYSO serves Redlands and the surrounding communities with soccer teams for youth. Local families referenced convenience of location and price as key factors for their choice of AYSO. The concern about contract termination and participant costs increasing brought many parents and coaches to the meeting and many more sent in public comments via email expressing their concern to the council. The fixed price for use of the sports park is much lower than the average field, which allowed AYSO to keep costs low.

The cost per participant has given the opportunity for more players from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to participate.

The city attempted to terminate the contract in June, which still has over 10 years left in their 25-year agreement. The city offered a $207,768 payout based on the remaining value of AYSO’s initial payout, $500,000 plus interest.

Other soccer organizations and citizens came forward with concerns that the exclusive contract for AYSO was unfair. The California Sporting Club of Redlands gave a word of support for the AYSO organization, however called for an opportunity to use the fields during times in which the field is empty. Some Redlands parents shared that their children participated in AYSO but no longer do because their methods do not produce competitive soccer players. Because of this, the other clubs and teams and even individual practice time has to be held outside of their own community since the Sports Park is only for AYSO.

The Redlands Citrus Valley soccer coach said community fields should not be exclusive to one organization.