The Redlands City Council announced during its meeting on Tuesday, June 1, it will revisit adopting a code of conduct for council members at its first meeting in July.

“Many other cities have a code of conduct, and much of the language is adapted from other cities except for the Redlands' core values and rules and regulations,” said Councilwoman Denise Davis, who worked with Mayor Paul Barich to bring the resolution forward.

Points in the code of conduct include council members' roles and responsibilities, conduct with each other, the public and staff and a section on discrimination, harassment and bullying.

However, Councilman Paul Foster said he feared the document might infringe on First Amendment rights.

“After talking with the city attorney, I believe there is an infringement on council members' right to speak,” he said.

“Because of my concerns, I can't support this tonight. I would recommend to table it and allow outside counsel to review and make sure we are doing it right.”

The council voted to table the discussion and revisit in July.