The Redlands City Council unanimously approved a $1 million agreement with American International Environmental Inc. to provide consulting services for landfill gas engineering support, on-call service and regulatory reporting for the California Street Landfill during its meeting on Feb. 2.

The agreement amount is not to exceed $334,455 for one year, with two additional one-year renewal options for a total compensation amount not to exceed $1,003,365.

“The city landfill is heavily regulated by state and requires weekly testing that requires specialized labs and expertise, which is why we need consulting services,” said Chris Boatman, director of facilities and community services.

The landfill is required by federal, state and county agencies to comply with the requirements associated with the daily operations, monitoring and adjustments, routine gas flare emissions, and reporting of the landfill gas extraction systems and reporting requirements.

Requirements include operations and maintenance of the gas collection wellfield and compliance probes, gas flare design to maintain proper capacity, operations and adjustments of the activated carbon and sulfa treatment systems and monitoring and reporting.  

Operating and maintaining the landfill in compliance with the regulations to control gas migration and emissions requires expertise in landfill gas system engineering, monitoring, data interpretation and system tuning, and troubleshooting.