University of Redlands Alumni for Black Lives Matter is calling for a complete boycott of all monetary and labor donations to the school.

The alumni group posted its demands on its website. Alumni Emma Wade said they are reaching out to prospective students as well as fellow alumni.

“The alumni refuse to donate any money to the university as we believe those dollars are being used to marginalize students, faculty and staff of color,” the group wrote on its website.

Wade said the group has tried to speak with university officials but has been met with silence.

On Monday, June 29, the university posted an update on its website titled “Forward in Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work,” reiterating its commitment to a diverse, equitable and inclusive community and introducing a host of new initiatives.

“It is not doing anything to change the structure internally,” she said. “President Kuncl has not reached out. We have sent multiple emails.”

Wade said one way the university could show good faith is to take public accountability and start a dialogue between the two groups.

Jennifer Dobbs, the university's news and information editor, said the school is in conversations with many groups and listening to many voices.

“All of our demands are beneficial to everybody,” said Wade. “We have received support not only from black alumni but white alumni.”