First day at the University of Redlands class of 2023

Students walk through the Hunsaker University Center under banners of Redlands’ Och Tamale chant, first uttered in 1921 and now recited when the Redlands Bulldogs score a touchdown.

Classes are back in session at the University of Redlands and students are excited for the new year.

The College of Arts and Sciences began class on Tuesday, Sept. 3, on a 97-degree sunny day.

Students walked to accounting, biology and history classes among others.

One newly minted freshman Natasha Hernandez says that she can’t wait to get into a routine.

“I am from Oregon so the adjustment is harder than it would have been had I stayed home for college, but I am excited to be here. I am a history major so I know having a set routine for reading and all my papers will help me out. The first day is always the easiest yet the most nerve-wracking.”

Clubs were out for the first day as well. Redlands’ Young Americans for Freedom had a booth out in front of the Hunsaker University Center. One club member wanted to foster conversations about pro life vs. pro choice politics.

The campus is no easy walk. Classes can be spread out from the top of the hill on Stilman Ave. to the bottom of the quad in the Fine Arts building and everywhere in between..

To help combat the burden of trekking from point A to point B, a lot of Redlands students either ride bikes or skateboards.

Sophomore Brayden Eliason was whizzing by the chapel on his longboard to get to class.

“It makes it easier and faster to get to class obviously. That is something I would recommend to new students, either get a bike or skateboard and you will be loving life.”

Old friends could be seen waving to each other, new friends sitting at tables discussing this year’s class schedule.

A group of English majors sat discussing syllabuses.

“One paper every two weeks isn’t that bad….” said one student.

One hometown freshman Sadie Burton, is excited to get her college career started in Redlands.

“I grew up in Redlands and would always drive by the campus. It is going to be different actually getting to walk into buildings as a student.”

The Class of 2023

  • First-year students: 728
  • Transfers: 94
  • Where from? 35 states and 24 countries
  • First in the family to attend college: 39 percent
  • Source: News & Information Director Jennifer Dobbs