Superintendent Mauricio Arellano speaks at the Redlands Forum

Redlands Unified School District Superintendent Mauricio Arellano speaks at esri’s forum on Thursday, Aug. 29.

Superintendent Mauricio Arellano unveiled the multiyear vision plan for the Redlands Unified School District 2025 at the Redlands Forum at the esri headquarters in Redlands Thursday.

The Redlands Forum was one of the first speaking engagements for Arellano when he first arrived ar the district.

In his first presentation, Arellano spoke of virtual and augmented reality and his hopes to bring digital storytelling to the district but many of the stunned looks in the audiences conveyed a look of awe and unfamiliarity with many of the tools and platforms he said would likely replace the pencil and paper held by previous generations.

“I’m very proud of the Board of Education, our teachers, principals and our classified employees,” said Arellano. “We have moved a lot faster than I ever thought we could or would at this point in terms of implementing 21st century learning.”

Just two years into this position, and now the stock images he relied on so heavily to convey his vision have all been replaced with both still and moving pictures of actual students across the district, from transitional kindergarten to 12th grade, who are responding to the curriculum using multimedia tools and platforms.

 “You see the word virtual reality and augmented reality. These are the 21st-century learning tools, learning strategies, learning expectations, that we are already starting to implement at school sites,” said Arellano.

Enhancing education through innovation is just one of the five commitments.

To showcase the district’s commitment to “Excellence in Academics,” he shared the latest data reports that show that the district continues to outpace both county and state graduation rates.

“We would like for every student to go to college, but the reality is that some students will go directly into the workforce when they graduate,” he said. “Both college and careers are of equal value and importance. There is no right or wrong choice, but we want to make sure our students are prepared for both.”

Each shared that high school has career technical pathways which may include medical, manufacturing, coding and robotics fields, video production and many more options.

Arellano credited much of the academic success of the students of Redlands Unified to actively engaged family and community members.

He focused on the collaborative partnerships with the parent-teacher associations, local businesses, colleges and law enforcement. He applauded the continued support and effort of local community service groups and organizations, including the Optimist Club, which just sponsored the 33rd annual Optimist Games.

A video recap of last year’s event was shown.

Arellano shared the district’s commitment to equity and inclusion and the focused supports which have gone to the schools with the most needs.

Lastly, he shared the district’s continued focus and 360-degree approach to safety and well-being.

During this portion, he introduced the district’s new safety manager, retired Deputy Sheriff Rod Torres.

As a 32-year law enforcement veteran and alumnus of district, Torres has his sights set on how he intends to enhance safety throughout the district.

Arellano closed with a reminder to the audience that the district is not a machine. He said the district was made up of individuals who work together every day to help all children succeed. For more information on the multiyear vision plan, RUSD 2025, visit