Redlands Unified School District

The Redlands Unified School District received $15.7 million in learning grant funds from AB 86, the Board of Education announced on Tuesday, May 25.

The funds, which need to be spent by August 2022, are planned for summer learning opportunities this year and extended learning during the school year.

"We have planned additional period classes for academic support and recovery," said Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Ken Wagner.

The funds will allow the addition of more counselors, mental health supervisors, parent liaisons, tutors, professional development and high school transportation.

Beginning June 15 to 25, elementary students will have in-person learning opportunities at Crafton, Highland Grove, Kingsbury and Victoria. Instruction will include focus on reading, math, social and emotional learning.

From June 12 to 23, middle school students will have in-person opportunities at Beattie, Clement, Cope and Moore. Instruction topics include math, English, band, choir, music and social skills.

The high school program runs from June 17 to July 23 and includes credit recovery and credit advancement courses.

There is a hybrid option as well as in-person for high school students.

Additional high school learning opportunities include Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) camps and a University of Redlands College Experience program. There are also band and music camps at each site.

Some of the programs are invite-only.

For more information, contact a student's school site.