Redlands Unified is still debating what to do for the 2020-21 school year.

In a school board meeting on Tuesday, May 12, Superintendent Mauricio Arellano and board members brainstormed ideas.

“I want to let the audience know there has been no direction given,” said Arellano. “There has been no guideline given. We are just trying to be ahead of the curve and think of all the hypothetical scenarios that could happen so that we have a head start.”

Some of the scenarios included continuing distance learning, a hybrid model of distance learning and seat time and a hybrid model of older students on distance learning and younger students out across secondary sites.

The board also discussed safety materials that would be required throughout the year, such as masks, gloves, soap and air conditioning filters.

The school board pointed out that their ideas are fluid and are in no way concrete.

“We have a huge challenge ahead of us,” said Arellano. “But I want to reassure everybody that we have good people in this district, smart, caring and hardworking people. We are going to meet this challenge.

“We are going to continue to make our community proud of how we serve our students.”