The Redlands Unified School District now has its own COVID Dashboard.

During the Board of Education meeting on Thursday, Sept. 16, Superintendent Mauricio Arellano announced the district's dashboard shows confirmed COVID cases in a 14 day-window. From Monday, Sept. 6 to Monday, Sept. 20, there were 57 confirmed cases on campuses.

The dashboard is under the “Our District” tab on

“The community asked us to put together a COVID 19 dashboard,” said Arellano. “The numbers are low, and we are keeping our promise and goal to maintain in-person instruction and extra-curricular activities with no or little disruption.”

Director of Instructional Technology and Accountability Jamie Cortz shared some of the ways the district is committed to innovation for both elementary and secondary students.

“All students will use cutting-edge technology,” said Cortz. “They will use virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, coding and programming. Our innovation labs at our elementary schools have 3D printers and Newline Interactive Boards. We have a three-year implementation plan tied to mathematics standards tied to our LEGO coding and robotics program.

“We extended our ZSpace contract for three more years, where all fourth and fifth-grade students will learn next-generation science standards through virtual reality. Students will build digital portfolios and earn badging and micro-certifications.”

Cortz said innovation is a district-wide program.

“Moore Middle School has an innovation lab, and Cope has a digital storytelling elective along with our other middle schools,” said Cortz.

“That was unheard of two years ago. Cope, Beattie and Moore are also involved with E-Sports. Students can learn computer science and engineering.”

Redlands high schools are giving students opportunities with podcasting, E-Sports, ArcGis and Anatomage Tables, a virtual dissection program.

“Podcasting is taking off like wildfire at our high schools,” said Cortz.

Superintendent Arellano said the district is continuing to grow and modernize its teacher credential program to include innovation at the University of Redlands, so teachers are prepared to use innovation in curriculums.

Confirmed cases

In the 14 days from Sept. 7 to Sept. 21

Bryn Mawr 3

Crafton 4

Cram 0

Franklin 2

Highland Grove 1

Judson & Brown 2

Kimberly 0

Kingsbury 0

Lugonia 4

Mariposa 1

McKinley 7

Mentone 0

Mission 0

Smiley 2

Victoria 0

Beatie 4

Clement 2

Cope 1

Moore 4

Citrus Valley 7

Orangewood 2

Redlands East Valley 5

Redlands High 2

District office 0

Total 57

Updated weekly under “Our District” at