July 9

Burglary, Non-Residential, Forced, 02:42 a.m., 1139 W REDLANDS BLVD; AMERICAN TIRE DEPOT

Warrant, Outside, Misdemeanor, 07:11 a.m., TEXAS ST & W LUGONIA AVE

Animal Control, Barking Dogs, 08:40 a.m., 300 BLOCK OF S CENTER ST

Abandoned Vehicle, Infraction, Vehicle Code, Other, 08:38 a.m., E SUN AVE & POST ST

Violate Domestic Violence Restraining Order, 08:41 a.m.

Animal Control, Barking Dogs, 09:53 a.m., 100 BLOCK OF W PIONEER AVE

Fraud, 09:58 a.m., 27320 W LUGONIA AVE

Bike Check, Possession Meth or Synthetic, 10:47 a.m., W PIONEER AVE & TEXAS ST

Death Investigation, 11:08 a.m., 2000 BLOCK OF W REDLANDS BLVD

5150 Mental Health Hold, 12:47 p.m.,

Simple Assault, 13:06 p.m., N NEVADA ST & ORANGE TREE LN

Found Property, 13:31 p.m., 1580 INDUSTRIAL PARK AVE; ARROWHEAD

Theft, Property, Other, 14:31 p.m., 470 E CYPRESS AVE; PANERA

Auto Theft Recovered, Stolen Other/Recovered Local, 14:47 p.m.,

Miscellaneous Complaint, 15:37 p.m., 1270 W PARK AVE

Threats, Criminal, Felony, 15:42 p.m., 104 E STATE ST

ID Theft (Misd), 15:52 p.m., 500 BLOCK OF MULVIHILL AVE

Simple Assault, 14:56 p.m., 800 BLOCK OF E LUGONIA AVE

Threats, Felony, 16:43 p.m., 1580 W REDLANDS BLVD; CHEVRON GAS STATION

3455(A) PRCS released felon Vandalism, Misdemeanor, 16:46 p.m.,

Theft Shoplifting, 17:15 p.m., 1520 INDUSTRIAL PARK AVE; BURLINGTON

Theft from Auto. 16:28 p.m., 1200 BLOCK OF S CENTER ST

T/C City Property or Vehicle Involved, 17:42 p.m., 900 BLOCK OF NEW YORK ST

Forgery - Checks and other, 15:34 p.m., 900 BLOCK OF KENSINGTON DR

Theft, Property, Other, 18:37 p.m., 762 TENNESSEE ST; BOOST MOBILE

Auto Theft, Automobile, 17:30 p.m., 1151 W LUGONIA AVE

Other Offenses:  10851 Stolen Local/Recovered Other  T/C Minor Injury, 22:20 p.m., FORD ST & E REDLANDS BLVD

Warrant, Outside, Misdemeanor, 22:43 p.m., 1580 W REDLANDS BLVD; CHEVRON GAS STATION


Theft, Property, Other, 08:53 a.m., 75 TENNESSEE ST

Theft, Property, Other, 12:39 p.m., 27641 W SAN BERNARDINO AVE; 100

Hit & Run, Misd, 12:40 p.m., 1580 INDUSTRIAL PARK AVE

Vandalism, Misdemeanor, 14:28 p.m., 0 BLOCK OF DALTON CT

Theft, Property, Other, 17:27 p.m., 100 BLOCK OF GRANT ST