The Redlands City Council entered into an agreement with Holt Architects Inc., to renovate the building that used to be Kmart, at 1625 W. Redlands Blvd. with a cost not to exceed $2,235,000. Additionally, the council approved the same amount for a supplemental fund as an additional appropriation. This project will be funded from the Safety/City Hall Replacement Fund.

The city purchased the empty Kmart building at Redlands Boulevard and Alabama Street in last year for $16.1 million.

“We’ll explore through this first phase different budget strategies to make sure we protect the city’s budget,” said Matt Acton, the representative from Holt Architects Inc.

A schedule based on current assumptions sees the project timeline at an expected 46 months.

“Cost and schedule are keenly important,” said Acton.

In their presentation, the firm highlighted their experience with sustainability in their use of sustainable insulation, solar technology and shading.

Having received a unanimous approval from the council, the firm will be in charge of design and construction administration. The city purchased the Citibank building at State and Eighth street for $16 milllion in December 2021. A limited number of city employees are expected to start working there next month. ­Initially, the plan was to have Redlands for it to become police headquarters, but that plan was scapped.