A Ventura County Superior Court Judge rescinded on Thursday, Nov. 7, an order to send a convicted sexual predator to the San Bernardino County after pressure from the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s office and the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department.

Ross Leo Wollschlager, a convicted sexual predator and child molester, will not be sent to Joshua Tree, in the desert area of the San Bernardino County, announced authorities.

On January, Judge Nancy Ayres, of the Ventura County Superior Court, ordered Liberty Healthcare to assist in the conditional release of Wollschlager to a community.  Two months later, Judge Ayres found “extraordinary circumstances” to place Wollschlager outside of Ventura County after failing to send him to the Sacramento area.

Immediately, local authroties opposed to the idea arguing Wollschlager has no direct ties to the region and that the region should not be used as a dumping site of violent sexual predators.

On Monday, Oct. 21, hundreds of people packed a room in Joshua Tree to oppose the idea.  In addition, about 1,500 residents submitted letters of opposition.

“Everyone’s efforts helped make sure our county is safe from Mr. Wollschlager,” said authorities on a press release.