The Beach Balls are released at 4pm - Happy New Year

Last year’s Beach Ball drop was moved to Ed Hales Park because of a power outage at the Redlands Visitor Center.

For those too excited to wait until midnight, the Redlands Visitor Center rings in the new year at 4 p.m., which is the stroke of midnight in London. When the crowd finishes their countdown at 4 p.m. the Beach Ball Drop begins.

One hundred Inflated beach balls donated by Alta Vista Credit Union descend from above, floating down on the families like warm snowflakes with a goal for the participants to keep them bouncing overhead for as long as possible.

Visitors may also write on the Wishing Wall, whether it is a personal goal, a dream for the future or doing something for the first time.


  • About Redlands Realty & Loan: Party favors, gift bags, volunteers, set-up and break-down.
  • Alta Vista Credit Union: 100 beach balls.
  • Insta Selfie Photobooth.
  • Games by Board Game Paradise.
  • Emerson Fine Jewelry: Face painting the balloon animals by Paint and Twist.
  • Burgeson’s Heating, A/C, Electrical, Solar & Plumbing: Banners.
  • Melissa Perez, KALEO Real Estate Co.: Refreshments:
  • The Treatment: DJ Inner Jamm Entertainment.
  • Sprout & Blossom: Kids planting activity.
  • The Redlands Visitor Center is a public charity 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible.