San Bernardino County has a plan to boost COVID compliance. [1] 

The county has created an Education/Engagement/Enforcement Plan in coordination with its cities. The plan is designed to encourage compliance with public health mandates.

“Our primary emphasis is on educating high-risk businesses about the critical need to comply with directives while offering guidance to assist them in these efforts,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “We prefer to avoid punitive actions but will have no other choice if businesses continue to disregard public health ordinances.”

The county fire marshal and Environmental Health Services Division will field a team of 30 inspectors tasked with visiting businesses, confirming reported violations and offering assistance to help businesses come into compliance. Strike teams or local authorities will follow-up with businesses that continue to operate while ignoring public health requirements. 

State Strike Force, county staff or the Sheriff’s Department will compile a list of non-compliant operations that have not responded to efforts to come into compliance. County staff will review the list and send a list of non-compliant businesses to the Sheriff’s Department or city law enforcement.

If a business is found to be noncompliant with public health orders, enforcement may issue a citation accompanied by a crime report forwarded to the district attorney’s office. Violations of the health orders are a misdemeanor and risk a fine of $50 to $1,000 or imprisonment for 90 days.