San Manuel Gateway College.

Since Loma Linda University’s San Manuel Gateway College began its medical assistance program, 34 students have graduated. It offers five certificate programs, according to

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians will partner with Loma Linda University Health to reopen its casino in the Highland area.

For decades, Loma Linda University’s San Manuel Gateway College has helped protect the community, guests, and employees of San Manuel, according to a press release.

San Manuel was the first tribal casino to announce a closure, citing the safety of its tribal citizens, guests and employees. Safety concerns also are why San Manuel was not the first to reopen. More than simply sanitizing and taking temperatures, the new San Manuel Health and Safety Plan establishes organization-wide training, expanded cleaning schedules, and, among many other new policies and procedures, several new roles dedicated to preventing further spread of COVID-19.

“Reopening our doors safely and responsibly is our first priority,” said San Manuel Chairman Ken Ramirez. “We have taken our commitment to health and safety one step further by working with Loma Linda University Health’s San Manuel Gateway College on our health screening curriculum and organization-wide training.”

A new curriculum is being developed with the San Manuel Gateway College to offer the health screener and safety concierge positions. Medical experts will share the latest knowledge and tools to help San Manuel protect those who visit while providing the premier gaming experience they have developed over the last 34 years.

“This pandemic has caused so many people to be laid off or furloughed and to rethink how to conduct operations differently.” said Brigitte Saria, chief people and infrastructure officer. “The silver lining is that because of the new health and safety protocols, brand new positions are being created that have never existed before COVID-19.”

Two-hundred seventy-five employees who formally worked in other casino positions have accepted newly created roles including health screeners, health screening managers and guest safety concierges.

“Safety continues to be a top priority for all of us,” said Arwyn Wild, San Manuel Gateway College executive director. “We are excited to work with San Manuel Band of Mission Indians to develop a roadmap of needed skills and training as we learn to live and work in this new reality.”