Recipients of trophies and annual awards from Redlands High School may never know their names were engraved by Renie DeHoog, who has owned and operated All-Star Engraving in Redlands for the past 23 years. Attracted to the process of engraving, she purchased a business that had been operating since 1976 in the home of the owners. Learning the process and techniques of etching on various surfaces, and using a panigraph machine, she became dedicated to engraving as a life career.

Years later, when her husband was employed as maintenance manager for San Bernardino City Unified School District, they were partners in All-Star Engraving. After he died, she continued the business as a single owner of the corporation. Her company’s largest orders provide trophies and awards for Redlands Unified School District, University of Redlands and some San Bernardino schools. All-Star customers also include fire and police districts, corporations ordering awards for employees, golf club tournament winners and individuals who order personal or family awards. Now, her precise work of engraving is achieved on computerized equipment, including laser machines, diamond drag machines and sandblasters.

She also provides thousands of nametags for churches, organizations and residential companies, including Plymouth Village. She describes each multilevel production as “a task I love because it is positive.” Having earned a reputation of etching services in glass, acrylic, tile or brick, Renie DeHoog’s company was hired to provide two distinctive memorials in Redlands. A large wall at Redlands East Valley High School displays names of students that she etched on individual bricks using a sandblaster.

The second memorial is a wall at the Redlands Bowl, which displays names of supportive Redlanders in the community. DeHoog said her work for schools is seasonal, involving 2,000 to 3,000 metal trophies, 1,000 plaques and 1,500 resin trophies each school year.

Because name spelling is always a challenge, she requests recipient names be delivered via email and retains all etching data on flash drives.

Email, preferred for all orders is especially convenient in the busy seasons. When discussing her loyalty to the art of engraving, customers may hear her saying, “Been here a long time, glad that I’m here!”