Lindsay Deutsch

Violinist Lindsay Deutsch at the Contemporary Club in Redlands.

Lindsay Deutsch, the featured performer at last week’s Grand Finals of the Young Artists Concerto Competition, brought out her violin made in 1832 at the first children’s workshop of the Redlands Summer Music Festival and played the theme song from “The Flinstones.”

She shared the story of the 187-year-old instrument with 58 children and 37 adults on Tuesday, July 2, at the A.K. Smiley Public Library’s Contemporary Club.

Her violin is from France and has survived both war and famine many years before being played at her Redlands performance.

The workshop is an interactive experience between Deutsch and her audience as she asks listeners to try and guess what songs she’s about to play. The first one, from the 1960s TV cartoon, was an easy one.

She asked the audience if the violin sounds all right on its own. In general it is played alongside an orchestra. It’s a single melody instrument, played one note at a time. Nevertheless, the audience is impressed with her raw and intense skill.

She has been playing violin since she was 5. She recalled playing a tissue box strung with rubber bands at age 2 because 

her parents thought her too young to handle the responsibility and care that comes with owning an instrument.

She recalled playing daily for 30 minutes, a routine that grew to four or five hours at a time every day. As a kid Lindsay practiced the Violin during her lessons thanks to her parents.

At age 14, she moved away from her hometown of Houston to Los Angeles to continue pursuing her musical career and education. Deutsch is a graduate from the Colburn School of Music in Los Angeles. She now tours around the world as a violin soloist alongside Yanni Chryssomallis, the popular Greek musician who goes by his first name.

Yanni discovered Deutsch through YouTube videos of her performing classical music, she said. She also tours with her trio, Take 3, which mixes elements of pop and classical.

Deutsch said she also is an athlete. If she hadn’t suffered a knee injury, she may have ended up a struggling racquetball player. She still exercises daily.

Deutsch and her sister Lauren cofounded a nonprofit Classics Alive Foundation (, which exposes more people around the world to classical music, especially young children.

Picking up an instrument as a kid is the prime time to learn a new skill and to take advantage of the many positive effects that music brings.

Deutsch finished her workshop by performing “Misirlou,” a song used in the film “Pulp Fiction” as a sort of introduction. Only on this occasion, it’s her exit.

Later that night, she performed “A Beatles Fantasy Concerto” with the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra, featuring arrangements of “Let it Be,” “All you Need is Love,” “Hey Jude” and others.

After her appearance, she planned to continue her tour around the world alongside Yanni to Indonesia, Egypt and Lebanon.