Redlands East Valley High School’s Theater Department is excited to present “Wait Until Dark,” a play written by Frederick Knott in 1967 that was made into a movie two years later.

Ashley Visco, first-year theater teacher at REV, wanted something exciting, but with a small enough cast that would work well together and gel, leaving her time to be a director.

As she remembered watching the film starring Aud­rey Hepburn as a child, she knew she had found what she wanted as her directorial debut.

The thriller focuses on Susy, a blind housewife from Greenwich who must defend her home and property when three con men break into her home when her husband is not present. There is no honor among thieves, and Susy’s blindness, first considered to be a weakness, proves to be her greatest strength.

Where: Harry J. Blackstone Theatre on Redlands East Valley High’s campus.When: 6 p.m. Friday…

Students auditioned in late August and started rehearsing shortly thereafter.

As opening night approaches, rehearsals have been more frequent, keeping the cast and crew busy. More than enough students auditioned, including those in drama as a class and those who aren’t, that Visco was able to cast two full sets, giving each cast two performances.