Monstrous cookies now available in downtown Redlands

Egypt Wishim and Breanna De La Cruz check on the cookies.

The only thing better than a chocolate chip cookie is a bigger chocolate chip cookie with a cool name like Phatty.

Featuring classic and original versions of cookies with an urban twist, the Cookie Plug has opened a new location at 501 E. Citrus Ave., in Redlands. Its original store is located in Riverside.

“We’re excited to be in downtown Redlands,” said store manager Lauren Martinez. “It’s a big deal for a cookie shop to be here.”

Two days after its soft opening on Thursday, Nov. 15, the dessert shop was already seeing lots of foot traffic, according to Martinez. People were walking in to savor Phatties. The cookies are more than twice the size of most cookies.

Others were lining up to see what the graffiti inspired writing on the walls of the urban-street-looking shop had to say.

(Most of it pays homage to old and new school hip hop music by twisting the lyrics of popular songs to describe feelings for a beloved cookie or its taste.)

With nicknames such as OG (chocolate chip), Wheat Roller (oatmeal), The Mac Daddy (white chocolate chip macadamia nut), and Chocolate XTC (triple chocolate), among others, Phatties are baked fresh daily with “zero preservatives.”

That’s why they taste best when eaten within three or four days, as stated in the Cookie Plug’s official storage and reheating instructions. Otherwise, the shop recommends freezing — never refrigerating, lest ending up with a dried out Phatty — for up to a month and then placing in the microwave or oven for best results.

Though one Phatty sells for $4, customers can buy any combination of three, called a dime sack for $10; seven, a half sack for $20; or 12, a fat sack for $30 — seemingly a nod to the marijuana industry and the often comparable addictive side effects of heavy doses of sugar. In addition, the shop offers daily specials or “Errday Hookups,” which include Stack Em’ Up Sunday (two for one), Movin’ Weight Wednesday (6 for $13), and Fat Sack Friday ($5 off a Fat Sack).

The current special, five Phatties for $10, runs until the end of November.

Cookie Plug

Where: 501 E. Citrus Ave., downtown Redlands.

Hours: Noon to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, noon to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

More information: