Get festive!

Get Festive Box brings smiles to receiver of gift package from unique business developed by former Redlands and Highland residents.

In the latter part of 2019, two cousins decided to form a unique business to help people find more joy in their lives and also support small businesses in their town of Nashville,Tennessee.

Get Festive would purchase various items, package and deliver them in gift boxes to the doors of their receivers. Partners Ashley Corley and Brenda Bonn had no idea that in 2020, their Get Festive procedure of phone, e-mail ordering, packaging and delivery to a few shut-in citizens could benefit everyone in a city totally shut down because of a worldwide pandemic.

Now they purchase made in the USA items from local businesses and deliver them in the “Quarantine Box” containing a tote bag or bags that can be decorated with markers, a game for one or many, an item to calm nerves, set of seven envelopes to be opened one per day for smiles and festive feelings and an extra item for children.

Ashley Holmes Corley was born and raised in Redlands and graduated from Vanderbilt University.

Her cousin, Brenda Coleman Bonn, was raised in Highland and graduated from the University of Redlands. They found each other living in Nashville with families, resumed their friendship and became business owners.

Web address: www.Get