Adult Literacy Program learners tutors prepare to present 'Seedfolks'

Tuto Nancy Reid displays the 'Seedfolks' book.

The Redlands Adult Literacy Program selected “Seedfolks” by Paul Fleischman as its community read this year and will celebrate its message by hosting a free performance at 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 7, at the Contemporary Club, 173 S. Eureka St., Redlands.

“Seedfolks” is a story about a neighborhood that transforms a vacant lot into a community garden. In the process, neighbors from many different backgrounds get to know each other and form a community of mutual support. “Seedfolks” was selected because it mirrors the community of adult learners and tutors, who come frommany walks of life and countries, but learn from each other and become a community of readers and writers, said Diane Shimota, adult literacy coordinator.

The 40-minute performance will be directed by Teresa Dolan with acting support from Eric Gruenler, Kathy Johnson, Carrie and Cash Morgan, James Muro, Nelda Stuck and tutors and learners from the Redlands Adult Literacy Program. For some of the tutors and learners, this will be their first time acting on stage. Adult learners and tutors enjoyed reading Seedfolks and studying the book’s characters, who represent immigrant communities in the United States.

Reflecting on the book, tutor Nancy Reid stated that it is “amazing how the planting of seeds can bring diverse people together who would never have met and become friends. The diversity of the Redlands Adult Literacy Program’s members is one of the many reasons I enjoy being a tutor.”

Nelda Stuck said, “Paul Fleischman’s ‘Seedfolks’ book was a quick-read with an uplifting message about communities appreciating the talents of all ethnicities coming together for common purpose. I was especially interested in how the author then took his story a step further into a playscript, which has really brought to life the purpose of his story as those of us involved in the Smiley Library Literacy Program take part together on stage.”

“Seedfolks” can be checked out at the A.K. Smiley Public Library.

Reservations may be made on the library website, or by calling Shimota at (909) 798-7665, ext. 4138.