Without your YES vote the plan to redevelop the heart of Downtown -- The Redlands Mall -- cannot proceed. The Redlands Mall has sat largely vacant for a decade. Regulations that dissuade or obstruct development are preventing the improvement of downtown. Instead of new businesses and residences in our economic center, we have the consequences of loitering and homelessness -- a risk to public safety.

The Redlands General Plan vision defines “Redlands as a distinctive city characterized by its small-town feeling and cultural richness…, (with) a livable, healthy and sustainable community, and a prosperous economy.”

Passing Measure G will allow the Mall property to be developed with unique businesses, restaurants, dwellings, gathering spaces and parking. If this measure is not passed, the property where the Mall sits cannot be revitalized to meet this vision.

Measure G will respect and continue our rich history while guiding the direction of new development downtown to ensure these elements:

• Increased downtown access for pedestrians and cyclists.

• Expanded housing opportunities.

•  Support for our neighborhood businesses.

Passing Measure G will create sustainable economic growth for Redlands toward these results:

• Good-paying jobs.

• Combating homelessness.

• Increased services for Redlands residents, including those for parks, recreation and transit.

If we as Redlanders prioritize our public safety and want our hometown to remain a desirable and safe community to live, work, own a business and raise a family, then passing Measure G is essential.

On March 3, vote YES to realize the vision of prosperity and community in downtown Redlands.