In 1978 the voters of Redlands adopted Prop R to limit and control the quality of development in our town. In 1987 they strengthened R with Measure N. A council attack on N led voters to adopt Measure U in 1997. Beginning with R, over a 41 year span those measures have guided the development of our town.

In 1998 SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments), the six county planning body, identified Redlands as one of the four most livable places in the region and printed a brochure on our town. Recognized were our schools, the university, Smiley Library, our historic homes and our historic, small town- feeling downtown. An important element of that recognition was our sense of community, of commitment, of civic pride, in no small measure a product of our perception that while other cities have lost their character and livability Redlands is still a special place.  

This ballot measure would change our town forever. Its intent is to promote multi-story apartments downtown. Proposed are 2,400 apartments, thirty percent recommended to be five story. If placed on a FEMA required elevated pad, they would be comparable to the Bank building.

If we assume that each building contained 150 apartments, 16 would be required to meet the goal.

 For many, our cherished view of the mountains would be blocked and lost.

With no annual limit, development could overwhelm our schools and public services.

The additional demand on our precious water could result in further restrictions. With no provision for schools or green spaces children of those apartments will be left with little.

 Traffic, parking, air quality will worsen.

Downtown needs businesses and preservation, not thousands of multi-story apartments.

Protect our town, our quality of life, our future. Protect R, N and U.