What is notable about 1894? Two things: City of Redlands was just six years old, and it is 125 years ago. Redlands Conservancy is looking for structures in town that were built in 1894 or earlier to honor with inclusion into Club 125, a listing of old structures in Redlands.

Owners of those structure — houses, commercial buildings, churches, barns, carriage houses, water channels — should contact Redlands Conservancy to be included in the Club 125 listing and to be honored at the May 13 Fortnight Reception.

The month of May is recognized nationally as Historic Preservation Month, and in Redlands, with the Redlands Historic Preservation Fortnight, a series of programs and events focused on celebrating all that the city has done to encourage preservation activities.

Sponsored this year by Redlands Conservancy, the Fortnight begins on May 11 with participation in the Town and Gown Annual Dinner and Awards of Distinction, continues on Monday, May 13, with the Fortnight Reception and ends on May 28 with a Redlands Forum program about Walls, Ditches and Gutters in Redlands.

Club 125 recognitions were first a part of Redlands’ quasquicentennial in 2013. It became a way for the conservancy to honor all structures that were as old or older than the city itself. Since then, 27 structures have been listed in Club 125.

“We’re quite certain there are many more structures in Redlands that are 125 years old or older, but the owners have not yet come forward,” said Sherli Leonard, Redlands Conservancy executive director. “We invite all structure owners to contact the conservancy so we can invite them to the Fortnight reception on May 13.”

All new Club 125 members will receive a yard banner designed by Citrograph Printing, and will be invited to talk briefly at the reception about their structure. To add a structure’s name to the Club 125 list or submit a structure location and information, contact Redlands Conservancy at sherli@redlandsconservancy.org or call (909) 782-6208.

One such structure being honored is the Mill Creek Zanja, built in 1819 and celebrated throughout the year 2019 with the Year of the Zanja activities. The Zanja has several owners within the city limits, including the Redlands, San Bernardino County Flood Control District, University of Redlands and Redlands Conservancy.

The Fortnight Reception, held this year at the Asistencia from 6 to 7:30pm, is free and open to the public, and light refreshments will be served. In addition, the conservancy will announce the recipient of the 2019 Adaptive Reuse Award, presented to the owner of a historic building beautifully preserved through reuse.

Adaptive Reuse of historic buildings was a concept that drove the founding of Redlands Conservancy in 1994, according to President Emeritus Bob Clark. The corporation’s founding statement said, “We will strive to help our community realize the full economic, social and aesthetic potential of these assets [adaptively reused buildings].”

The Conservancy has long recognized how important the character of the historic buildings is to the economic and aesthetic well-being of the community, Clark has said.

Redlands Conservancy’s Historic Preservation Council chairs the Fortnight events, which are themed around All Things Rock and Stone: Walls, Curbs and Zanjas, include the May 11 dinner, the May 13 Fortnight Reception, a May 14 talk by Donn Grenda at A.K. Smiley Public Library, a May 19 5K Walk around the Walls, Curbs and Zanjas at Prospect Park and beyond, a May 25 hike to the Judson and Brown Ditch, and a still-being-planned demonstration on cut stone workmanship. Complete information will be available at redlandsconservany.org on Monday, April 22.