Hit the trail and play bingo.

There will be no Trails at 10 program this year, but you can play bingo as you hike.

Many Redlanders are suffering from Trails at 10 Guided Hikes withdrawal, since Redlands Conservancy has not been able to offer the semi-annual hike program since autumn of 2019. The conservancy’s Outdoor Ambassadors have created a program to fill the void: Trail Bingo, Beeeee on the Lookout.

Trail Bingo creator, Outdoor Ambassador Core Team member Libby Groom, said the conservancy encourages local residents and visitors to create their own self-guided adventure by participating in the Trail Bingo game.  

“It’s a one-way activity,” Groom said. “It’s not a competition, unless people want to work up their own friendly competition among family and friends, and there are no prizes. We provide the Bingo cards and the information, and the participants provide the curiosity. This is a discovery activity, and there are lots of things for people to discover on our trails.”

Trail Bingo will start on Monday, April 26, and last through the end of May but it can be picked up and used anytime of the year through the conservancy website, redlandsconservancy.org. It is free to anyone who wants to participate.

According to Groom, the first week of the activity will highlight the trailheads — the “B” or Begin part of the activity. Participants will be introduced to all of the trailheads in the first of five weekly information guides.  

They also can hunt on their own using maps that are on the website or at the Redlands Visitor Center. During the second week, the “I” guide sheet will focus on Informational Signs and ask participants to discover the interpretive signs on each trail.

“Week 3 features the ‘N’ boxes, for Neighbors in our wild spaces,” said Groom. “Wild critters you might find on the trails include feathered, four-legged, foot-prints, chattering and crawly.”

Week 4 is for “G,” or Growing things like the native plants that grow along the trails, and Week 5 is for “O” as in Overlook; each trail has some designated spots for a special view of the landscape.

Groom said there will be instructions on the website each week adding further details explaining the categories.

"Participants can take it a week at a time, or race to complete their Bingo card on their own schedule,” said Groom. “We hope people will find time to get outdoors this spring and enjoy our local wild places.”

How to play ‘Trail Bingo’

Step One: Go to redlandsconservancy.org and download and print one of the pre-made Trail Bingo cards.

Step Two: Select one of Redlands’ trails to go to and start the adventure. This year’s Trail Bingo series includes Herngt “Aki'” Preserve, San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary, Creekside Trail, Orange Blossom Trail/Zanja Trail complex and the Saha’tapa Loop.

Step Three: Use the Bingo card and check off the items observed along the trail. The object is to try to get a “Bingo” by completing a full row or column across the card.

For more information: Visit redlandsconservancy.org or call (909) 782-6208.